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Pastilla - Colores
Pastilla - Colores

[Foro Abierto Rock en Espaņol Los Angeles - Tue Sep 28 22:27:15 2010 cID=14998 | facebook | twitter ]

CONTUATION FROM POST ABOVE: play and XUE your cumbia project is not original, it only makes people dance but the Gimmick is tired. BORIS, I can't believe you take your shit seriously! Get a real reporter job, all you do is party. Rockero RICK, I really have nothing bad to say about you other than you look a little wierd. OSCAR CORONEL, don't be a manager. Stick to being a sound guy, that's all you are good at. By the way "I need more volume on my moniter, I can't here myself". SOY DISCO, what an embarrasment of music and musicians, Your vocalist can't sing for shit I can't believe Oscar saw something in you. I can go on and on about Soy putos. EDGAR COBAIN, you are pure talk, nobody belives your bullshit, Pinche pendejadas, Nobody cares who you play with, You look like a mongol. STAR MACHINE me das ASKO. VIDA TINTA, horrible, horrible, horrible!! MONTENEGRO, it's time to hang it up!!! You guys never had a chance. Desperate!! SANTA CECILIA, your music is okay for about 30 seconds but your singer is annoying